Wednesday Weights


A. Clean Deadlift (5, 5, 5+  70% of Clean )

reset at the bottom of each lift, but do not exceed 12 reps on the last max rep effort

B. Front Squat (3x8 60%)

C. Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Every 2 min x 5

5 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20
10 American Swings 53/35Goal is to move fast. Score = time each round.

Your rest time increases the faster you get through the work

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It's Monday - Time to Grind!


A. Clean and Jerk (4x2 70-80%)

If feeling good work at 80%

B. Back Squat (3x10 60%)

C. Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for Quality:

4 Strict HSPU
6 Strict T2B
12 Cal Row SprintHSPU Scale = L-Sit DB Press as heavy as possible
Strict T2B Scale = Straight legs as high as possible with no kip

Rest as needed so that HSPU and T2B can be unbroken

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A. Snatch Hi Pull + Hang Snatch + OVH Squat (E2MOM for 12 minutes: [1+2+1])

1 Snatch Hi Pull + 2 Hang Snatches + 1 OVH Squat

Climbing Weight Allowed

B. Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Three 3 minute rounds:

60 DU
15 Front Squats 95/65
Max HSPU in remaining timeRest 2 minute between round

*score = HSPU reps

*HSPU Scale = Push Press w/FS Weight

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NOT so terrible Tuesday


A. Metcon (Weight)

EMOM for 10 minutes alternating movements:

even: 5 Back Squats 60-70%
odd: 10 Dual DB Bent Over Row (athlete choice on weight)

Score = back squat weight

B. Metcon (No Measure)

3x30 seconds of Flutter Kicks

Rest 30 seconds b/t sets

C. Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

Row Conditioning:

2 Rounds:
200m EZ Pace
200m Moderate Pace
200m Sprint Pace

Rest 3 Minutes between rounds

Score both rounds total time separately

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