How to Rx your Hand Care

Ripping your hands is an annoying and painful part to any sport that uses the hands intensively. You can get them from anything ranging from shoveling snow to chopping wood. Gymnasts, weightlifters, and of course the sport that combines both, CrossFit are all victim to ripped hands. 

There are two main reasons why your hands will rip. If your hands are soft they will often rip; however, if you have too much calluses on your hands that can cause one of the calluses to rip off. What you want is a happy medium of callused hands... sounds sexy right? To keep your hands from being too callused you can use a pumice stone in the shower or right after when your skin is the softest. 

Even though a rip here or there is almost inevitable, there are steps you can take to prevent a rip and keep your hands in good conditioning. 


- Use hand grips in training - you can buy an inexpensive pair of hand grips that allow you to knock out high reps of toes to bar and pull ups without ripping. 

- Let's say you have ripped. What can you do to heal as quickly as possible? If the skin is ripped and there is no chance of it repairing you can trim it off. If you have more of a blister than a rip you want to leave it be and allow it to heal. 

- After trimming the skin you want to wash your hands immediately. YES it is going to sting. Use cold water to help lessen the burn but really there is not much you can do until you get it clean. 

- Use Vitamin E solution such as Neosporin or a Hand Repair Kit from WOD Welder.  Keep your hands from being dry. 

- After you have developed thick skin. You must keep it well groomed to prevent any rips. 

Hopefully these easy steps can help keep you on the bar longer. 



Metcon (No Measure)

Active Recovery Thursday

3,000m Row

Rest 2 minutes then:

8 Pause Front Squats 95/65
8 BR Lunge Steps 95/65