A Whole New Cycle

Welcome to week one of the next cycle! For the next four weeks we will be focusing on gymnastic skill and the progressions that can be transferred to other movements including olympic lifts, throwing, carrying, and holding. We will also be focusing on increasing strength in the front squat and its transfer to the full clean. 3.2.1....GO. 


A. Pull-ups (3x5-8 )

*Rest 60seconds between each set
*Focus on maintaining a hollow body position through the entire movement
*Scale = Scap Pulls

B. Front Squat (3x5 @60%)

C. Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)


7 Deadlifts 225/185
7 Burpee Over the Bar
7 T2B
7 Wall Ball Shots 20/14

Amanda Street