Angles of Squat Variation

During this cycle we are focusing on the front squat and it's transfer to the clean. Above is a great example of the different angles of the body during the various bar positions, font squat, high bar back squat, and low bar back squat. You may have an outrageous one rep max in the back squat; however, that does not guarantee you can stand up a heavy clean. Leg strength is important; which is why we squat.. ALOT. However training the angles and various body positions is vital for transfer of strength to other movements. 



A. Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (3x2-7 reps )

Skill today is KIPPING ; how to use kipping for toes to bar, pull ups, and chest to bar pull ups.

Rest 60 seconds between sets

B. Front Squat (3x5 @ 65%)

C. Metcon (Time)

3 RFT:

200m Run
10 SA DB/KB Snatches Alt. 50/35
3 SA OVH DB/KB Squats e. side   50/35