A note on punctuality.


We know that sometimes life is not in your corner. You hit every red light, your boss keeps you for an extra 5 minutes before you can get out the door, or somehow you find yourself on sunset lake road. 

At some point, all of us are late to class. However; as a courtesy to your fellow athletes and coaches, this is what we expect from you. 

Puts some pep in your step once you get into the parking lot and change clothes quickly if need be. Let your teammates know you apologize for arriving late and ask if they care if you join in. We will turn down the music so you can address them. 

After you show that courtesy to your teammates, spend a minimum of 6 minutes getting warmed up. If you are less than 5 minutes late to class go ahead and jump into the warm up with everyone. If you are 5 to 12 minutes late to class break off to the side and get your 6 minutes of warm up in. If you are 12 or more minutes late to class, you should wait for the next class to begin. 

We know you do your best to make it to class and we do our best to provide the best class possible for everyone. A thoughtful and prepared warm up, in depth instruction, professional supervision, and our entertaining personalities ;) 

So please, do what you can to be on time and when you are not show that courtesy to your teammates. 




A. Back Squat (15 minutes to work up to a HS)

(not necessarily a max, but if you are feeling good continue to go up)

B. Bench Press (5x1 @ 90%)

*Suggested Warm Up: 60%x5, 70%x3, 80%x2

C. Metcon (Time)

3 RFT:
21 Calorie Row
12 Power Cleans 155/105